Legal Research

If the thought of spending many hours in front of a computer or hunched over a library table makes you queasy;


If reading statutes containing phrases like:

". . .referred to in § 170(c)(1)". . ."within the meaning of paragraph (d)(1)(i)". . ."is deductible under § 213". . . as long as they "meet the requirements of section 501(e) and § 1.501(e)-1". . ."{s}ee, however paragraph (d)(2) of this section". . .

give you headaches;

We can help!

Perhaps, you just want to save some of your valuable time?

We can help there too!

     We provide research and writing of:
  • Complaints and Answers
  • Motions and Responses thereto
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Requests for Admissions and Production
     We provide research support for:
  • Trial and Appellate Briefs
     We excel at providing:
  • Unbiased Legal Memoranda - allowing you to evaluate, prepare and implement (or not) your litigation
  • Document Review - distinguishing the relevant from the extraneous.

     T.East performs all writing and research, primarily using Westlaw® (with access to Federal and all 50 states statutes, regulations, rules and case law).  Lexis®, Law Reviews and Journals, Treatises and other databases are used when necessary.

     Ocassionally, T.East will consult with attorneys, clerks of court, libriarians, retired judges, doctors, accountants, police and/0r others (the Associates) to better understand an issue.  He is NOT omnipotent.

Why Choose T.East & Associates?

  1. We have the ability to provide much more than a legal argument.  With more than 30 years experience in business (retail, finance (consumer and commercial), insurance, IT, rental properties (residential and commercial) and venture capital), fundraising (profit, non-profit and political) and having sued and been sued, we can turn a legal position into a real-life application.
    • The "typical" legal researcher is . . . well, a "new" attorney.
  2. We can save you a lot of money!  Certainly more than the other "on-line" research firms.
    • PLUS, your satisfaction is our goal!  If you aren't satisfied, no payment is accepted.
  3. Using the highest grade protocols, your data is safe with us.
  4. Finally, we truly care about your privacy.  Our policy is simple. . .We do NOT share your information with anyone, ever. . .PERIOD.  We do not use your name for marketing purposes and while we greatly appreciate your kind words, we will never use your name "on-line" as a testimonial.