T.East has a law degree, he is NOT a licensed attorney. 

We CAN NOT, DO NOT and WILL NOT provide legal advice.

We break our services down into three broad catagories: Startup, Operating and Expansion/Sale.  Realizing your needs may encompass one or ALL of the catagories, we will do whatever is necessary to assist your endeavors!



  • Perform comprehensive market research.
  • We excel in business plan review or can assist you in authoring one.
  • Identify, evaluate and select suppliers and business partners.
  • Review and recommend financing options.
  • Research and draft employee and operations handbooks.
  • Establish the business needs/requirements and develop solutions thereto.
  • Develop customer/product/pricing profitability models



  • Assist in the preparation and facilitation of examinations by auditors and regulators.
  • Detailed analysis of forecasted and actual performance and the cause(s) of any differences.
  • Identify solutions, methods or systems that enhance productivity and implement solutions that have been evaluated for deficiencies, failures and inefficiencies.
  • Review and monitor compliance with government regulations and/or company policies.



  • In-depth competition and location research.
  • Preparing and writing company Board actions and related documentation.
  • Conduct pre-bid and pre-proposal conferences.
  • Company valuation based on asset-based, market comparison and discounted cash flow methods.
  • Manage the evaluation and negotiation process.
  • Preparation and review of contracts for subcontractors, vendors and buyers.
  • We also perform - and enjoy- detailed investigative business audits for investors.