business Support

From start-up to expansion to business sale, we have the experience!

Focusing on small businesses, we excel in financial analysis, managing workflow, IT support, training, contract negotiations, compliance review and implementing  e-commerce solutions.

We know the challenges of retail, consumer finance, the service industries and non-profit fundraising.

      Beginning the 4th quarter of 2019 extending through 2020, we will be working on one exclusive project and will not be able to conduct any of our normal business.
We deeply regret any inconvenience to our customers.
      We will do our best to make sure your legal research or business consulting needs are covered by other seasoned professionals.
Thank you very much for your past support!

As an attorney, your ultimate goal is to ensure your client's position is supported by the law.  Sometimes the facts of a given case can be challenging.  Without the proper research - whether it be lack of knowledge of a particular action or just a lack of your personal time - your client (and ultimately you) will suffer.   Let T. EAST & ASSOCIATES be the ones to help you reach your goals.

  • Research for the Legal Profession

As a business owner, your time should be spent developing long-term customer relationships, encouraging new business, providing the best for your employees while being ever mindful of the bottom line.  Yet - "life happens" - the trees become a forest, stability is elusive and expansion is out of the question.  T. EAST & ASSOCIATES can help simplify complex tasks, develop processes for immediate results and provide guidance for long-term growth.

  • Business Consulting
Legal Support

We provide motions, appeals, research memos and briefs for all jurisdictions in the United States.

Additionally, we excel at document review - separating the wheat from the chaff - giving you the time necessary to adequately prepare. 

If you want to save money and leverage your time, we can help.


T. EAST & ASSOCIATES is a multifaceted organization specializing in legal research and business consulting.  We use our unique skill set:

  • to provide licensed attorneys the legal foundation to comprehend and successfully argue their client's position, and
  • to provide small business owners with the guidance and support to excel in their endeavors.