As an attorney, your ultimate goal is to ensure your client's position is supported by the law.  Sometimes the facts of a given case can be challenging.  Without the proper research - whether it be lack of knowledge of a particular action or just a lack of your personal time - your client (and ultimately you) will suffer.   Let T. EAST & ASSOCIATES be the ones to help you reach your goals.

business Support

From start-up to expansion to business sale, we have the experience!

Focusing on small businesses, we excel in financial analysis, managing workflow, IT support, training, contract negotiations, compliance review and implementing  e-commerce solutions.

We know the challenges of retail, consumer finance, the service industries and non-profit fundraising.

Legal Support

We provide motions, appeals, research memos and briefs for all jurisdictions in the United States.

Additionally, we excel at document review - seperating the wheat from the chaff - giving you the time necessary to adequately prepare. 

If you want to save money and leverage your time, we can help.

Providing YOU with Results!

  • Research for the Legal Profession

As a business owner, your time should be spent developing long-term customer relationships, encouraging new business, providing the best for your employees while being ever mindful of the bottom line.  Yet - "life happens" - the trees become a forest, stability is elusive and expansion is out of the question.  T. EAST & ASSOCIATES can help simplify complex tasks, develop processes for immediate results and provide guidance for long-term growth.

  • Business Consulting

T. EAST & ASSOCIATES is a multifaceted organization specializing in legal research and business consulting.  We use our unique skill set:

  • to provide licensed attorneys the legal foundation to comprehend and successfully argue their client's position, and
  • to provide small business owners with the guidance and support to excel in their endeavors.